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Campaigns programme for 2021-2022

Thank you to all bureaux who took the time to complete our campaigns survey in June. Your feedback was key in forming our campaigns programme for the months ahead.

Our aim for our national campaigns:

During the fall out of Covid-19, we want to use our campaigning activity to ensure people can get the financial support they need.

Last year, following consultation with the network, we launched the Money Map tool as a way of ensuring people who could self-help online had a way of doing so. This year, we will aim to focus our campaigning work to drive people towards the tool as well as to local CABs for help.

2021-2022 campaign programme:

In our recent survey, we asked what issues and audiences you wanted to see focused on through our national campaigns programme. There were two very clear preferences from bureaux. Based on this, and including our annual Big Energy Saving campaign, our national campaigns programme for the year will be:

  • September-October: Campaign focused on financial support, aimed at audiences who are facing unemployment as furlough ends
  • November – January: Big Energy Saving Winter (launching earlier than usual based on CAB feedback)
  • February/March: Campaign focused on financial support, focused on audiences who are at risk of debt (including council tax debt, those who are newly indebted or those who have benefitted from payment deferrals)

How to get involved and apply for funding:

Our campaign funding applications are now open and as last year, this is a simplified one-off application. Based on bureaux feedback, these amounts are more generous than previous years. Read more and download an application form from this page and apply by Friday 6 August.

You can read the full results of the campaigns survey in the download PDF report below. If you have any questions at all, please contact Barbara Adams, Senior Officer (Campaigns),