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Campaigns programme planning 2021-2022

As we look to the end of our financial year, this seems a good opportunity to provide an update on our campaign planning approach for coming months.

Campaigns survey for bureaux – April 2021

The CAS Impact team workplans help inform key topics that could shape our campaign programme over the coming financial year. These are being finalised this month and topics for campaigns will be included in a survey to bureaux in April. This will aim to gather feedback on topics that the network would like to see given campaign focus over the next 12 months.

When we have the results of the survey, we will send out our suggested timeline of national campaigns which we hope will help give bureaux advanced notice and help with workload planning. This has been a common area of feedback from the network over the past year.

Campaign key dates

May 2021:

The first campaign in the new financial year will be focused on advice around debt and the importance of seeking help early. This will run from Monday 17 May – Friday 28 May. This was originally planned to launch in February, but has been pushed back to avoid clashing with Scottish Government campaigns. CABs who signed up to support this campaign have already been contacted to help shape messaging and design.

June 2021 onwards:

Your feedback is key in helping shape the full campaign programme and we will be able to provide clear outlines of campaign topics and dates following the survey in April.

If you have any questions about the 2021-2022 campaign programme, please contact Barbara Adams, Senior Officer (Campaigns) at