Work for change

Fundamental to the work of the Scottish CAB Service is a commitment to using the combined experiences of our clients - Scotland's citizens - to improve laws, rules, policies and procedures and prevent problems currently being experienced from recurring in the future.  

The CAS Social Policy team produce a range of highly regarded publications.  These clearly describe the problems that people bring to their local CAB, and also make recommendations for how to fix these problems at source.

But we don't work in isolation. CAS works with partners across the voluntary sector and in academia to represent the interests of CAB clients though initiatives such as: 

The Scottish Social Security Consortium:  this network of policy, parliamentary and rights workers from national voluntary sector organisations based in Scotland is jointly facilitated by CAS and the Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG) in Scotland.   

The Consortium aims to provide a link between members to exchange ideas and information on new developments in social security law and practice, and provides an opportunity for joint promotion of social security policy issues.  Four meetings are held each year, alternating between Glasgow and Edinburgh, and members also join the Consortium's email group. 

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