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Jointly created by Citizens Advice Scotland and Citizens Advice (England and Wales), AdviserNet is the UK's most comprehensive generalist advice resource. Arguably it is the only generalist resource that fully takes into account the many differences between law and practice across the different parts of the UK. This comprehensive and up-to-date information - used by every CAB advisers in the UK - is also available to other organisations via a subscription service.

Reasons to subscribe to AdviserNet

  • an essential online resource for every adviser, covering all welfare issues from employment to benefits, housing to debt
  • updated on a daily basis
  • accurate and quality assured content
  • used daily by 17,000 CAB advisers and hundreds of libraries, solicitors, trade unions, charities, colleges and community organisations UK-wide
  • highlights changes to current legislation
  • Scotland-specific information.

Try before you buy

If you want to make sure that AdviserNet is just what you need, try our no obligation 28 day trial. After this time your trial will cease and you will need to contact us if you wish to subscribe.