Produce and promote public information

The Information Team at Citizens Advice Scotland regularly work with other organisations on public information materials. The type of work CAS can do ranges from checking material - and in particular checking material produce by non-Scottish based organisations for accuracy in Scotland - to working in close partnership to research and write new material.

Some examples of partnership working include:

  • Production of Your rights - your call (May 2010) A public information booklet introducing rights as a 16-21 year old in Scotland in areas like money, housing and work. It also contains contacts for people who can answer your questions on just about anything. This was a joint production with Young Scot
  • Providing expert input in the creation of the Landlords’ Guide to Electrical Safety in Scotland (May 2010), a guide for landlords to help them meet their legal obligations in terms of electrical safety, and to understand their responsibilities to help keep their tenants safe. This publicaiton is also of interest to electrical contractors, installers and tenants. This guide was produced by the Electrical Safety Council with support from various relevant bodies, including CAS
  • Responses to requests from organisations to comment on their draft documents e.g. Scottish Government, Health Rights Information Scotland, BBC raw money magazine. This can be for accuracy in Scotland, or in terms of its usefulness to bureaux. We have also been asked to help trace legislative sources for Scots law (e.g. sequestration) for UK debt advice organisations who work in money and debt advice
  • Checking for accuracy and then assisting in the distribution to over 250 CAB outlets across Scotland booklets and fact sheets from organisations that include the Scottish Government, Department of Business, Innovation and Skills and ACAS.

Get in touch

If your organisation is interested in joint working with Citizens Advice Scotland on public information matters, please get in touch: or 0131 550 1000.