Fraser of Allander - The economic benefits of CAB advice

The  Fraser of Allander Institute (FoAI) has researched the economic benefits of CAB advice for every CAB member in Scotland. This evidence shows clearly how local CAB reduce costs at all levels of government and how they support jobs and put money back into the local and national economy.

The report builds on a national report from last year which showed that in the financial year 2013/14 the Citizens Advice Bureau service across Scotland contributed a total benefit to the common good in Scotland of £168.7 million.

By examining five advice areas - benefits, debt, employment, housing and relationships - which accounts for 80% of all areas advised on, the report concludes how CAB advice in 2013/14 benefits Scottish society as a whole. By stopping adverse consequences (additional problems) occurring, the near £170 million in savings and contribution to society that the CAB network make are huge.

Below you can download the data for each local authority area.

Please note: Statistics produced by CAS are as at the time of exporting from CAB systems. Locally produced CAB statistics may therefore slightly differ.