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Scottish Government marketing proposal

The Scottish Government has approached CAS to consider acting as a referral partner for a range of marketing activity around financial wellbeing this winter and into 2022.

The campaign work will break down into three phases as follows:

  • Encouraging greater benefit uptake – 29 November 2021 to mid-January 2022
  • Debt advice – January to March 2022
  • Access to affordable credit – March to April 2022

Following on from the partnership campaigning we undertook with the government during 2020 as a result of the pandemic, this is another vote of confidence in how trusted our brand is from a Scottish Government perspective.

It has been suggested that the Citizens Advice network be the only organisation signposted to during the social security phase, and one of a number of organisations signposted to during the debt advice period. We would not be involved in the Access to Affordable Credit phase.

CAS has made the point to government that, given the expected increase in demand on CABs this winter, it would make sense for such signposting to follow the model we already use for our campaigns – directing people to a central page which branches off to the Money Map tool and public advice site, as well as allowing users to identify their local CAB. This should filter out people who are able to self-help online.

The impact this will have on our campaigning work this year should be fairly negligible. We will be running Big Energy Saving Winter from November into January and while the audiences will be similar the issues should be separate enough for the campaigns to not clash with each other externally.

The campaign survey also made clear CABs would like a network campaign targeted at people newly in debt as a result of the pandemic. Our campaign to this effect will follow the Scottish Government debt advice marketing and we will have the opportunity to reflect on its success in terms of messaging and content.

Turnaround time is unusually tight for the Scottish Government marketing activity, with focus groups and messaging work already underway. While we are unable to influence the marketing content, we will get sight of it and we will be vigilant for anything that may concern us, but we do not expect any problems. If anyone has any comments, questions or concerns about this work, please get in touch with Kieron Higgins, Head of Communications at CAS, on