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Historical data

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Citizens Advice Scotland (CAS), our 61 member Citizen Advice Bureaux (CAB), the Citizen Advice Consumer Service, and the Extra Help Unit, form Scotland’s largest independent advice network. Advice provided by our service is free, independent, confidential, impartial and available to everyone.

Our public advice website provides information on rights and helps people solve their problems.






Note: EHU and CACS are GB wide advice agencies. One million issues is the combined figure of the work of the 3 advice agencies which make up the Citizens Advice Service network in Scotland.

  • CAB record advice issues for every enquiry where advice is given
  • EHU record one advice issue per case
  • CACS record one advice issue per case

The number of clients helped and the gains received are only for clients resident in Scotland, dealt with by all 3 advice agencies.